Photo Taken By: Sara Boyle

*Welcome to The Garden Hen*


Children are the future, so lets educate them!  Farmer Mike and Mrs. Nicole will come to your school, home, or business to help educate folks about everything chicken.  

We mostly go to schools and educate students/teachers about the life cycle of a chicken.

Project Life Cycle is an amazing 3 week programs that includes live demos, a chef, a coop, and a hatch!

The students always love seeing baby chicks hatch right befor etheir eyes!

Contact us if you want us to come to your school, or home...


We also build beautiful custom coops, and can teach you how to become urban farmers like us...  Look at our photos of past coops.  If you can dream it, we can build it!  We can discuss an all natural diet, and ways you can keep yuour hens safe, healty, happy, and never hungry...


 "you are what you eat, EATS"...