Chicken Mike & Mrs. Nicole

“Here at The Garden Hen we want to teach everyone young and old about the joys of chickens.  
You are what you eat, Eats...  Let us show you how”

Welcome to The Garden Hen
Chicken Mike and Mrs. Nicole are here for your chicken needs!  

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Project Life Cycle:
The Chicken

The 21-day journey in a truly hands-on approach that teaches a chickens life cycle and the raising of chickens in an urban environment.

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Custom Coops

From style to size, we will customize your coop in preparation for your flock!  It’s not just a flock, but these are family members...

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Chicken Coop Tour

The 2019 chicken coop tour of 6-8 chicken coops around town. Each stop will have a chicken coop, small flock of hens, a special vendor, refreshing treats, and of course a lot of chicken talk!

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