*Welcome to The Garden Hen*


Chicken Mike and Mrs. Nicole are here for your chicken needs!



Project Life Cycle: The Chicken is our amazing 3 week hatching program that includes live demos, our chicken friends, and chicks hatching right before your eyes!


We conduct programs at schools, homes, assisted living facilities, and now we offer our office team builders ...


Want fresh eggs in your own backyard???  We can show you the way.  We teach our clients how to become urban chicken farmers, get back to the basics, and become a little more self sustainable.  


Let us build you a custom chicken coop.

Look at our section, “Custom Coops We Have built” for some pictures of past coops.

If you can dream it, we can build it!


From our service plans to our custom feed Chicken Chew, we make owning City Chickens fun and easy! 



 "you are what you eat, EATS"...