Chicken Chew Feed

The Garden Hen's "Chicken Chew" is a new and innovative way to nourish your flock. Each bag contains over 1 lb of Flavorful seed (Hemp, Flax, or Pumpkin) per bag full of Omega 3 fatty acids and all the natural ingredients to keep your flock active, healthy, and producing strong healthy eggs. With our smaller, easier to handle bag, the entire family can be involved. If you are tired of your 50lb bags molding or clumping at the bottom, our resealable bag will make it easy to feed your chickens daily without having to maintain a storage bin or extra-large feeder. This is a replacement for your traditional, basic chicken feed. Our blends of real ingredients are perfect for a free-range backyard flock. An added plus is that the hemp seed also helps in times of molting, promoting healthier feathers. Each bag contains 7 lbs of feed and sold in packs of 3. We recommend 1/3 pound per chick per day to maintain a balanced healthy diet. *Feed is non-medicated and designed for currently laying adult hens.