Project Life Cycle: The Chicken



Our School Hatching Projects are super fun and educational!  

We have a 21 day curriculum for kids (preK-5th grade).  

It has all of the essential elements children need to understand life cycles, egg nutrition, and farm to table living...  


The Garden Hen provides all the materials needed to do this project.  

We provide the curriculum, incubator, brooder, heat lamps, eggs, feed, and feeding trays for each class or group selected for the project.  

During the three week program we offer various live demostrations.  

One thing we demonstrate is how to candle an egg, explain why we candle, and see if the eggs are developing properly. 

 Another live demo is our traveling Hen/Coop demo. 

We bring a fully grown hen and our real chicken coop on wheels into your classroom! 

 This is a true hands-on approach to teaching aspects of the life cycle, and raising chickens in an urban environment. 

A new addition to the program is our Chef Scramble with one of Houstons many amazing and talented chefs! 

This is a great time had by all, and the best thing of all is the students get to eat! *more info below


It's Hatch Day!!!  

Everyone is excited...  Schools fear not, you are not going to be forced into chicken farming.  The Garden Hen finds homes for ALL the chicks.

That is part of our business!  

We started as a backyard chicken sourcing business, which now has a passion toward anything chicken!  


Let The Garden Hen set up a class/classes at your school

& spread the "chicken love"...!


Please call for scheduling/sponsoring   





Chef Scramble

Welcome Chef Paola! 


The Garden Hen will bring a local chef to your campus and we have a "scramble" ...
Chef Paola brings a fresh green to pair with the fresh farm eggs.

We talk nutrition, safe cooking practices, farm eggs, and much more!
The students are included in the process of preparing, the tasting, and it gives them a way to incorporate fresh greens into their diet.

House Of Hens

Let The Garden Hen bring a real chicken coop to your classroom. (Pictured) Pinecone our frizzle silkie sitting patiently waiting for her next class.

 We demonstrate a live"Chicken Environment" with a real Coop, live chickens,

Q & A session and plenty of learning...


We will explain to the children about a chickens' living environment, the difference between a rooster & hen, what they eat, the different breeds, and all the benefits that come from raising chickens. 


This is FUN for all ages.



Sweet joys of a successful hatch!

A young Briscoe student enjoying some one on one time with this chick.