SeaBreeze Hens

SeaBreeze Hens are happy, healthy, and hand raised on our small farm in San Leon, Texas (between Houston and Galveston).   I raise purebred hens and a few roosters that  I hatch at home and/or arrive at a day old.  My chickens and laying hens enjoy free range browsing as well as high protein feed, whole grains scattered for "scratching", and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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FM Kitchen

FM is a place to celebrate all that Houston has to offer.  Come to enjoy what Chef Ryan Hildebrand has created in this beautiful space!  Known for their FM Burgers, the menu is perfect, having something for everyone.  With their dog-friendly front patio, and multiple Tv’s, this is the place to watch a game.  You might even catch Chicken Mike there with our hen Pinecone from time-to-time.  Look for our chicken coop outside!

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Wabash Antiques

Wabash Antiques and Feed Store (or Washington Avenue Bric-a-brac, Antiques, Sundries, and Hardware, as it was known in its early days) is a Houston institution. For over a hundred years, Wabash has been helping this city grow, supplying feed, seed, and farming supplies to early settlers and today’s backyard gardener alike. While Houston has grown and changed around us, we’ve kept the traditions Wabash has stood for since the beginning, giving them a modern twist.

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Leanne Silkies

Interested in Silkies? Call Leanne! She has beautiful Silkies of all ages & colors.

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Sunshine Farm

Our edible landscape provides nourishment for our family and community. We practice a variety of self-sustaining practices on our farm such as organic gardening, composting, water conservation, and unique garden designs. We are happy to show you these practices and share the information that we have learned (mostly the hard way) over the years. Not only do we want to provide you with an enjoyable adventure; we also want you to have an educational experience when you visit our farm.

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